General contracting

With innovations in construction and design techniques, you can also have a positive impact on the environment by designing "green" buildings, which is more know than ever now.

Security Services

Our goal is to help our clients realise the sustainability objectives of their building projects through continual investment, improving skills and knowledge related to improved construction techniques, stakeholder management and building products.

IT and Electronic engineering

Our capacity to deliver on the largest, most complex projects is obvious from those we undertake for clients across a range of industries. Scroll through the best of the best from our various divisions.

Welcome to RED LINE EU

One of the top companies in its sector, Red Line Europe, specializes in a number of diverse solutions for various business systems. Its main role is to analyze, develop, and implement these solutions in such a manner as to offer the best possible approach to each and every particular situation, irrespective of the context or other factors which might impact the development cycle.

Main Categories

The main niches Red Line Europe takes an interest in are, at their turn, a sign that this company has become very intuitive in the past years. Here they are, in no particular order of relevance or importance whatsoever:

  • The development and implementation of BMS (business management systems);
  • The production of food production lines;
  • The production of refrigeration systems;
  • The development of security and monitoring station systems;
  • The development of ventilation systems;
  • Various electric and emergency systems.


The mission of this company is to make sure these technological areas are covered to the best possible extent, when developed and maintained by Red Line Europe. In order to achieve such a goal, the company has managed to create the necessary standards and to implement these standards in such a manner as to better integrate them in the existing systems. Achieving such a goal is possible due to the extremely elaborate way in which Red Line Europe manages the entire structure, whilst keeping an eye on contemporary developments which can impact on its future growth.

To better understand the meaning behind such a philosophy, one needs to take a step back and analyze the efficiency of one’s company before and after implementing such structures. The result will be obvious to many: Red Line Europe stands apart from the rest, setting new standards in efficiency.